L'Ancienne Forge
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Siran: Its story and its forge. The Roman general Sirius or Siranus gave Siran its name. Remains of his villa were found here and a section of its mosaic floor is now in the (12 chapel at Centeilles. Even older is the Dolmen des Fades, from 5,500 BC, the biggest in the south of France. Street names give a flavour of medieval  Siran: rue des Remparts, rue du Four, rue du Couvent. L'Ancienne Forge is to be found in one such street, rue du Portail de la Sierre, formerly rue de la Cité. The forge was an important and busy place. Older residents remember horses tied up outside waiting their turn and the noise of the hammer on the anvil. It was a place to meet and talk.
 L'Ancienne Forge is once again a place to meet and talk, to discuss art and ideas. Since 2012 exhibitions have included watercolours, alternative art, surreal, neo-classical, light sculptures, photography, abstract, ceramics, collage, patchwork...... We are always searching for the new and interesting, variety and talent.
Not just an art space .... The owners also own and work an olive grove nearby, producing the renowned Lucques olives, only found in this region. Bottling is done in a room in the forge where oil is also stored in ideal conditions. Oil tastings and visits to the olive trees are possible. 
Each year there is a popular Christmas market with hot wine and mince pies, a festive atmosphere and the chance to buy locally made Christmas gifts, decorations, wines, jams and more.
Extracts from the Visitors' book are evidence of L'Ancienne Forge's charm:
   "Wow! The exhibition is amazing! As is L'Ancienne Forge. What a special place to visit. Thank you." SL
   "A lovely exhibition in a charming environment. We'll be back for future exhibitions." SD
   "What a delightful surprise to discover your gallery and the interesting work of the artists you are exhibiting. Thank you." BB